Price : Rp 500 – Rp 1.000 each
Ingredients : banana, flour, chocolate, sugar, and (maybe) egg
Taste : Sweet suitable for afternoon snack with coffee


Piscok, an abbreviations of pisang-coklat, roughly translate into “Chocolate Banana”. But Piscok is deep fried banana and melted chocolate wrapped in lumpia skin like dough, different from the choco banana usually found in Japan or America where a banana is freeze-dried and then dipped into chocolate.


The melted chocolate usually caramelised, soaking through the skin, making it crispier. The banana gone soft from the frying process, enveloped by melted chocolate. Mm… Perfect! 👌
I imagine this will be good eaten with cheese or ice cream.

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Ingredients : Eggs, flour, sugar, and the toppings
Taste : Sweet
Price : The one found in front of elementary school is usually Rp 500 each, but the one I bought it from, and the modern twist one can range from Rp 2.000 – 6.000 each (cause the toppings are expensive)



I am pretty sure it is originally a Dutch snack, or maybe an Indonesian snack that are formed during the era Netherland invaded this country, judging from the name, Lekker.

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Telur Gulung

Price : Usually Rp 500/stick, but can range until Rp 2.000/stick (like the place I usually bought it)
Ingredients : Eggs, mostly.
Taste : like a very dry but fluffy scramble egg. Minus the sauce.

I used to go “Tsk… tsk…” on people who have no choices but to purchase the expensive version of this snacks. I mean, this snacks should cost really low considering the ingredients that are used to make this : eggs, sometimes fish cake, and oil. Lots of oil.

But now, yeah, I realized that this snacks is very hard to come across these days, and even I have to put up with the Rp 2.000/sticks cost. And I put up with it because it’s addictive. Oh, unhealthy fried foods, why are you so tasty?WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (3)

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Getuk Lindri

Ingredients : cassava, coconut meat, sugar
Price : around $0.05/piece (Rp 5.000/potion)
Taste : sweet

Getuk, or the full name Getuk Lindri, is my most favorite traditional snack. It’s tasty, filling, healthy, not overly-sweet, and cheap. Very cheap for all we could get from it.

Getuk Lindri, wrapped in used paper

I get hooked when one day when my father bring me a very moist one. It taste so soft, but chewy and filling. The shredded coconut give a salty taste, complimenting the subtle sweetness  of the Getuk itself. And the shape is unique too! It’s like layers of tiny cylinders. My favorite method of eating it is separating the cylinders one by one or a bunch by a bunch.

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Name : Cakwe
Type : Fried food, salty cake
Ingedrients : flour, rising agent, salt, sauce is chilly,water and sugar
Price : I usually bought it $1 for 7 pieces, but could be more (Rp 1.500-Rp3000)

Cakwe, one of my favorite street food from Medan, Indonesia. Actually, Medan host a lot of delicious snacks, but this one is my absolute favorite, I will be tempted to buy one every time I see them sold.

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