Who hasn’t dream of spending their Christmas in Europe and entering the world of that perfect postcard Christmas picture? I want it for sure! So on Christmas 2015 I give myself Christmas present by going to Europe and make a point to try to do and see as much as possible, filling the 20 days with 10 country and 20 cities, something I kind of regret doing as I can’t really soak the atmosphere, but it’s still awesome anyway!


Christmas at Europe. A dim light casting a soft light to a wall of brick, horse cradle inching it’s way over cobble stone, while snow are falling softly, blanketing everything in sight into a world of white. Family are rounding the table inside the small houses, devouring traditional Christmas meal.

Who hasn’t dream of spending their Christmas in Europe and entering the world of that perfect postcard Christmas picture? Anyone who has been reading Christmas stories growing up must want it, or they are just bitter disillusioned people. No, but joking aside, that’s how I imagine spending Christmas in Europe would feel like.

The closest I get to my imagination

And that’s exactly what I have done : Spending my Christmas holiday in Europe!

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Game review

Hi! Sorry that I have been out for a very long time. I have been swamped with work.  

Out of stress, I have been playing a lot of mobile games.  And I mean a lot.  I want to share it with people, but you know, I play kinda outdated free games that looks like a lot of people should have their own review, walk through and all posted online, but I still want to share it. I thought to just post it to Tumblr because that’s where the geek community I know, but I want a more organized place.  So WordPress it is!

I will post progress so you guys would be bored together with me.  For now, I will post about “Living Alone”.  Over the time, I will post many other games, which I thought would be of no interest also, but I still want to share! Bear with me! 

Non-annoying changes

Seems to good to be true? Yeah, for me as well

I am reflecting. A fine day such as today calls for a reflection. A day where I get the chance to know more about other’s personality, to get more glimpse into their thought process. 

With the way I live my life the past few months, my reflecting time is past due. What comes towards me had a very very big effect on me that I might have not be myself anymore. In short, my circumtances make me change, again, in so short a time. So I need to know myself more, too. 

A lot or articles, forum and such from the internet seem to reassure my belief that people in their twenties change every so often. That’s generalitation, of course, I am sure there are people who know who they are by twenty and so do not change that much after. But it makes me feel not so alone, I know there are people who accuse themselves as a wishy washy because what they want for themselves is just so inconsistent, what they want the most for one day is what they hate the most the next week. 

That did sounds annoying, but on the flip side, that means a chance to improve, to start anew, every so often. We can choose the new revelations that contribute to the change. We can choose what influence us, what direction we take when presented with a condition. We can change every week. We can be more like our ideal self faster! Says those similar, gimicky motivational speeches.

Sounds too good to be true?

Yeah, for me too.

I see something so clear today that change my perspective : not all people see from my perspective. Yeah, big news, and seems like I am so late in understanding that.  But really. There are fundamental elements in us that won’t change no matter what forge we have been going through under. It’s not for us to change. 

So is it futile to change ourselves, moreover others, because it is pushing the law of nature? As I hate giving up, I will give the ever so annoying answer, “Maybe”. After all, human have work around forces of nature and pass the boundaries to overcome hurdles before. For many, many years. 

And so, who knows? If this fail to take place, maybe it’s true that I am a lazy piece of trash with no will power in me. And I have no power to change that.

Idle Reader

My list  of manga I followed on bakaupdates are more red than blue red, indicating I haven’t read the latest chapters of half of them. This has been going on for months, and I ignored it. It doesn’t indicate anything at all, because well, in my own opinion, some manga are meant to be read a few chapters on one go. Like One Piece. Or look at Dragon Ball that might only deliver one punch of a fight in it’s weekly release.

But yesterday I just realized that I am only on the 7th books of my 30 book (non-work related) reading goal this year! Now this is alarming, because that means I haven’t read and relaxed for so long this year. I have neglected an activity I enjoyed and proven to make me relax and stress-free so much because of idle actions. I have work, yes, but I believe I idling and opening social media and unrelated articles on the internet as much as I work.

But opening social media and the like didn’t have the effect of being absorbed in a book for me. But I do it anyway. Because boredom and out of focus and not seeing what’s in front of is so easy. It’s a bliss to be always distracted. No wonder I become restless and a bit high strung despite of my reduced pace of life nowadays.

I want to go back and stand up on my own feet again now, not carried away by by idleness. Currently swimming in the middle of unfinished work though (result from idleness too!), so my focus can’t be given to readings right now.

So I guess I must count on December holidays to reach my goals.
But oh, I also have goal on December.


A messy mind,




The coziest Hostel in Wroclaw : Grampa’s Hostel

There’s a lot of things I love about my short visit to Wroclaw, Poland, and the hostel I stayed at surely contribute a lot. The name’s Grampa’s Hostel    (And here’s their website)

Let me tell you one thing I love the most about this place : How it feels so cozy and homey.

I guess, hostels are expected to give the homey feeling : it’s a place where backpackers come and go and interact. Socializing. Where people with the same passion (travelling) could meet and then built everlasting relationship. Where the travel stories begin and cross-country friendships bloom.

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The snow-globe like city, Wroclaw, Poland

Do you know the Christmas snow globe? One that has rows of fir trees in front of a castle, that you could shake up so tiny little white dots resembling a snow come down? That’s what I think of this tiny town, my very own real life snow globe, especially since I am there near Christmas.

Date : 20th December 2016 – fourth day of Euroescape!

Do you know the Christmas snow globe? One that has rows of fir trees in front of a castle, that you could shake up so tiny little white dots resembling a snow come down? That’s what I think of this tiny town, my very own real life snow globe, especially since I am there near Christmas.

Known as a religious and conventional Christian (or Catholic?) country, Poland is very festive near Christmas. They took Christmas very seriously. The decorations are up. The announcement boards are full with service schedule and practice hours and posters.  People everywhere, walking in groups and with family, trying to finish the Christmas shopping and preparation on the last minutes. Anywhere. Well, at least in the 3 city of Poland we visited in 4 days. There are even a very long queue on our second day in Krakow, when we witness people queuing for a free Christmas tree for about 300 meters long. Talk about dedication!

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Layover in Hanover : Water-floating castle

Date : 19th December 2016 

Euro(esca)pe Index

Hanover! This city is a hub for many Germany trans-country trip, maybe because of it’s ideal location, beside it’s other reputation (such as Oktoberfest). Surprisingly, this city tourist attraction is cramped in a quite small area, even my friend who are not that used to walk a long way can conquer this city just fine.

When we arrive at the city center (the bus and train station are on the same area) we met the monument to Ernest August and then quickly dive to the subway to go to the Leibniz University!

This is the best picture I took, sorry

It was the university where Leibniz, one of the founder of both mechanical and digital calculator are doing his research, and so the university are named after him. It’s a quite interesting university, nearly empty maybe because it’s Christmas vacation time. And I love the lion in front of the gate to the entry!

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