Getuk Lindri

Ingredients : cassava, coconut meat, sugar
Price : around $0.05/piece (Rp 5.000/potion)
Taste : sweet


Getuk, or the full name Getuk Lindri, is my most favorite traditional snack. It’s tasty, filling, healthy, not overly-sweet, and cheap. Very cheap for all we could get from it.

Getuk Lindri, wrapped in used paper

I get hooked when one day when my father bring me a very moist one. It taste so soft, but chewy and filling. The shredded coconut give a salty taste, complimenting the subtle sweetness  of the Getuk itself. And the shape is unique too! It’s like layers of tiny cylinders. My favorite method of eating it is separating the cylinders one by one or a bunch by a bunch.

Usually sold on food stalls in traditional market or by bicycle-cart ridden by the seller, this snack originating from Central Java is made from cassava. The taste is very Indonesian, but this snack are not made by using palm sugar, one ingredient that Indonesia traditional snack tend to over use. That’s why I like it!

It’s one of the more interesting in shape, and neat, and looks clean in Indonesian sweet street snack, so don’t hesitate in eating it :3. The color come from food dye, but as long as it is not too strong, the amount of food color should be fine for eating. There are also a lot of modern twist for this snack so it’s more appealing. Try it!

Why did sweet and salty mix so well in snacks but not in meals?


Author: Nikkha

Practical, but nonsensical. Logical, but often rely on instinct. Observant, but ignore it anyway. Out of the blue.

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