Telur Gulung

Price : Usually Rp 500/stick, but can range until Rp 2.000/stick (like the place I usually bought it)
Ingredients : Eggs, mostly.
Taste : like a very dry but fluffy scramble egg. Minus the sauce.


I used to go “Tsk… tsk…” on people who have no choices but to purchase the expensive version of this snacks. I mean, this snacks should cost really low considering the ingredients that are used to make this : eggs, sometimes fish cake, and oil. Lots of oil.

But now, yeah, I realized that this snacks is very hard to come across these days, and even I have to put up with the Rp 2.000/sticks cost. And I put up with it because it’s addictive. Oh, unhealthy fried foods, why are you so tasty?WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (3)

To make this kind of fluffy, light, but crispy scramble egg on a stick, we need to fry it in a lot of oil so it will absorb and expand. It will then accompanied with a bright red orange sauce. But don’t be fooled! Usually a meal taste depends on the the sauce, but because this snack is usually found in cheap places, the sauce is usually the bad tasting, low cost one. Just refuse the sauce, you will thank me for that.

Usually found in front of elementary school, but I usually have to buy this at a bazaar on my workplace.

Oh, and I don’t know from where this snack originated, or is it a traditional snack. But it is old enough I consider it is!

Author: Nikkha

Practical, but nonsensical. Logical, but often rely on instinct. Observant, but ignore it anyway. Out of the blue.

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