Price : Rp 500 – Rp 1.000 each
Ingredients : banana, flour, chocolate, sugar, and (maybe) egg
Taste : Sweet suitable for afternoon snack with coffee


Piscok, an abbreviations of pisang-coklat, roughly translate into “Chocolate Banana”. But Piscok is deep fried banana and melted chocolate wrapped in lumpia skin like dough, different from the choco banana usually found in Japan or America where a banana is freeze-dried and then dipped into chocolate.


The melted chocolate usually caramelised, soaking through the skin, making it crispier. The banana gone soft from the frying process, enveloped by melted chocolate. Mm… Perfect! 👌
I imagine this will be good eaten with cheese or ice cream.

A twist for this snack is usually the topping, getting rid of the chocolate and replacing it by different flavours of jams. Strawberry and Passion Fruit are the most common one. Shouldn’t be called Piscok anymore though, but it’s already glued into the memory!

Try it if you found it! Won’t regret it, I swear!

Author: Nikkha

Practical, but nonsensical. Logical, but often rely on instinct. Observant, but ignore it anyway. Out of the blue.

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