Ingredients : Eggs, flour, sugar, and the toppings
Taste : Sweet
Price : The one found in front of elementary school is usually Rp 500 each, but the one I bought it from, and the modern twist one can range from Rp 2.000 – 6.000 each (cause the toppings are expensive)




I am pretty sure it is originally a Dutch snack, or maybe an Indonesian snack that are formed during the era Netherland invaded this country, judging from the name, Lekker.

“Lekker is a commonly used word in the Dutch language that is more similar to the word English word luscious than the word tasty. Lekker is used to denote something delicious or sweet” – Urban Dictionary

Taste, and shaped like crepes, and the process of making the two is even similar. It is made in a rotating, hot non-stick pan, pouring the dough until the dough are even and circular and thin enough to be crispy. After that the toppings are added.


The toppings vary, more ever now, when there are modern twist on the snack, but usually it consist of sugar, thick sweetened milk chocolate, chocolate meises, and cheese. After that the dough are folded into half-circle. We eat it by biting into the plain part.
Not sure where this snack originated. It’s modern-traditional snack

Author: Nikkha

Practical, but nonsensical. Logical, but often rely on instinct. Observant, but ignore it anyway. Out of the blue.

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