Idle Reader

My list  of manga I followed on bakaupdates are more red than blue red, indicating I haven’t read the latest chapters of half of them. This has been going on for months, and I ignored it. It doesn’t indicate anything at all, because well, in my own opinion, some manga are meant to be read a few chapters on one go. Like One Piece. Or look at Dragon Ball that might only deliver one punch of a fight in it’s weekly release.

But yesterday I just realized that I am only on the 7th books of my 30 book (non-work related) reading goal this year! Now this is alarming, because that means I haven’t read and relaxed for so long this year. I have neglected an activity I enjoyed and proven to make me relax and stress-free so much because of idle actions. I have work, yes, but I believe I idling and opening social media and unrelated articles on the internet as much as I work.

But opening social media and the like didn’t have the effect of being absorbed in a book for me. But I do it anyway. Because boredom and out of focus and not seeing what’s in front of is so easy. It’s a bliss to be always distracted. No wonder I become restless and a bit high strung despite of my reduced pace of life nowadays.

I want to go back and stand up on my own feet again now, not carried away by by idleness. Currently swimming in the middle of unfinished work though (result from idleness too!), so my focus can’t be given to readings right now.

So I guess I must count on December holidays to reach my goals.
But oh, I also have goal on December.


A messy mind,





About stalking someone’s profile

I was coming back from an article to my Facebook page, and then scrolled down thinking, “Why the hell did my timeline got crowded by only this one person?” when I realised that I was stalking their profile before I got lost in sea of articles. Sometimes life is funny like that.