Berlin – Euro(esca) pe

Date : 16th December 2015

After fascinated by Doha’s Science Fiction wonders, I finally… landed in Berlin! Woohoo! Europe! It’s my first time being in another continent.

Berlin is quite a wonder. After completing my trip, I realize how lucky I am to have Berlin as my starting point. It is really a mixed city, metropolitan, but didn’t give the shiny-tall-buildings-everywhere scenery. At least not in the tourist center, and that’s quite big. It’s a history packed location, but not full of ruin. It’s full of facilities but not overly crowded. You got what I mean?

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How to Leap Through

Ever wonder what it will feel like to leave the nest of comfortableness that is your area behind your computer and books, and start feeling the stories told on your own, not via the words writers have carefully chosen?


Leaping through the window doesn’t sound like the best idea around, metaphorically or literally. Writers are told they need to have experiences in the world in readers’ place, so people can feel through their work. Why let the world have their way with you when you can get the sensations, the feelings, of being in the world through the safety net of the book? Did the real thing worth it?

Later or sooner, we will find ourselves out in the world, sometimes without we even know. So while we have the time and options, why not choose to be out there by our own willingness? While others are contemplating, I – a not so ordinary girl that lives on the internet like everybody else in my generation – am making steps to go out of the window into the real world.

How to, though? Leaping isn’t easy, right?

One thing that I learned from leaping is :

  1. Let that happen

I mean, not building a fence around the idea of “I want to go a place far far away!”If you want to go somewhere, let it happen. There are abundance of options to take you where you exactly want to be. And reasons to. Sit behind your computer, type on your browser, and search on the website that’s being a verbs nowadays about the prices, the saving plan you must make and follow, the places, how to get there, if it’s possible to get there for free, apply your stalking skills to see the friends that can make your dream possible – and so on. Once you start in motion, you might be thrown out of your window before you even have chance to blink. Fancy imagining yourself in Santorini next week?

2. Make the list

Just make it for now. Who know that Santa read your wishlist without you sending it out to him!

3. Prepare, prepare

Prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes, you miss an opportunity just because you are not prepared for your own luckiness. After praying so hard, isn’t it silly to sit expecting it won’t happen? So take your time and make your passport, built your savings. People who laugh at you would be surprised when they find themselves in the position of people who laugh at Noah’s ark

4. Dream, but don’t leave reality

If one day you are to go to somewhere… not in your list, then go ahead and take it! It wouldn’t be just a waste of money, I assure you. Maybe you can get a taste of an entirely different genre, and would be pleased because you don’t expect so much! In fact, one of my most memorable journey is to a place I won’t really take effort to go to.

How was that? Still not convinced? Then, for now perhaps open your eyes and sit through, I will try to convey the “world” that I have seen, through this blog, to you.

Remember though, that you reading even half of this article are proof enough you have the intention! Go through!

trivial question : did pigeonhole used to be holes to store pigeons?