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Hi! Sorry that I have been out for a very long time. I have been swamped with work.  

Out of stress, I have been playing a lot of mobile games.  And I mean a lot.  I want to share it with people, but you know, I play kinda outdated free games that looks like a lot of people should have their own review, walk through and all posted online, but I still want to share it. I thought to just post it to Tumblr because that’s where the geek community I know, but I want a more organized place.  So WordPress it is!

I will post progress so you guys would be bored together with me.  For now, I will post about “Living Alone”.  Over the time, I will post many other games, which I thought would be of no interest also, but I still want to share! Bear with me! 


The coziest Hostel in Wroclaw : Grampa’s Hostel

There’s a lot of things I love about my short visit to Wroclaw, Poland, and the hostel I stayed at surely contribute a lot. The name’s Grampa’s Hostel    (And here’s their website)

Let me tell you one thing I love the most about this place : How it feels so cozy and homey.

I guess, hostels are expected to give the homey feeling : it’s a place where backpackers come and go and interact. Socializing. Where people with the same passion (travelling) could meet and then built everlasting relationship. Where the travel stories begin and cross-country friendships bloom.

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Animals… Animals…

I just pass the half way mark but I already could conclude which way the story will goes. But it’s still a very well written, deep meaning book! So much for that currently booming theory that a plot must be unpredictable, original, and full of plot twist to be good/ even enjoyable.

I am currently reading Animal Farms by George Orwell, and I loved it. Any reading I do always prompt me to write, so here it is! A writing that I think would be non-sense, hehe.

Actually, I am not really reading it as I am listening to the audiobook in Youtube. At first, I am afraid that it is too heavy a book (It’s the author of THE 1984- a book which I haven’t read by the way) to listen to, but I decide to just play it anyway, because it’s only 3 hour compared to other audiobooks. Compare that to the 9 hour-ish of 1984! Anyway, I never see the book Animal Farm in print, so I don’t know how thick it is, but this proves that it is quite thin.

I just pass the half way mark but I already could conclude which way the story will goes. But it’s still a very well written, deep meaning book! So much for that currently booming theory that a plot must be unpredictable, original, and full of plot twist to be good/ even enjoyable. It’s notOnly my 2 cents though.

I listened to it in mind to be ‘aware’ of hidden motifs and that’s why it’s so easy to break open the outer layer to see the representation. I am never taught about the world’s history and lacking in my own study about it, so I don’t know the exact event he tried to represent (Stalin-era Russia), but I guess human nature are the same everywhere, so I have heard this story from elsewhere. If I don’t know about his reputation though, it would have been quite easy to pass it as a children book with a funny story! That’s how amazing it is – for the unaware minds, hidden meaning (and events, and activities, and conspiracies) are hard to notice.

How many good books are there, with  eloquent story telling but good,  hidden teaching? I understand the need to try to make more people read it, but, I heard making it compulsory school reading make students hate it. I think everyone will be able to enjoy this book, as I am. It’s not for the “analytical and cultured people”.

I won’t say that I am have an open, sharp, analytical, and intellectual mind. Compared to some people I know, I am quite slow. I also won’t say that I am cultured, because I really am not, compared to my literature-major friends. But because I have a lot of friends there, books like this are almost like a staple which are a shame to not be read, and I agree.

Try to read this book with imagination and open mind. You will see the striking parallel with the world events today.  Why would we read books that contain the same essence as the news? Why don’t we just read the news? Well, it’s easier to laugh and see what’s wrong with our actions when portrayed as not our-self and in alternative world. Which group are you in novel? And what’s your opinion about them?

*Why am I writing it suddenly like talking down to high school students? Because maybe they are the one who are googling to see how much this book sucks, maybe.*


A night at Wombats Hostel Berlin

Wombats! My first hostel experience, and in Europe. It is a chain-hostel, with a lot of locations, so it is more or less more reliable. They should have experience catering the need of variety of guests!

Wombats city hostel Berlin is located less than 5 minutes to the closest U-bahn station, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Once we are out, we just need to turn left (not u-turn, just 90 degree turn), cross the street, and while we cross the street we will spot the hostel already. It’s next to a cafe – that will be our breakfast spot if we choose to pay 3.9 Euro to dine in.

The breakfast! I think it's worth it

Well, reading reviews, I know that Wombats is really are an ideal hostel – but an ideal hostel is not really suited to me, it seems. A place to meet new people, hang out and get to know other dynamic, young traveler sounds good, but I am not suited to how they hang out – pub and alcohol. Once we check in, we will be given a voucher of a free drink to use at their rooftop bar. We need to get our own towel, blanket and cover, and don’t forget to strip it off our bed and put it in it’s place near the elevator.

The room was nice and spacious – there are windows, too – although it serves more as a ventilation and not a transparent outside world watcher.

We instantly go up to the rooftop bar- and find it empty, despite how it’s already 10 PM. At what time actually bar/pub start to fill? I am not complaining, I am just asking because I am not accustomed to the culture.  And because my friend can’t drink alcohol, I accompany her and use our free drink voucher on juice.

We get free wifi on the lobby, but not on the room. A lot of people in the lobby is playing with their own gadgets. The lobby also have a lot of vending machine and the area have a lot of restaurants to choose from. After we checked out the next day, they let us use their baggage lounge. The breakfast at the cafe next door is filling! Recommended!

All in all, Wombats should be a very satisfying experience. The staff are as friendly as a German can seem to be, the room is good and the breakfast are great and cheap! The location is good, near the station, and not in a shady neighborhood If you search for a company or new friends and comfortable with bar, I think you will be happy!

With love,


Doha, Qatar

Wait, what? Doha will host World Cup 2022? Where is this city?

Wait, what? Doha will host World Cup 2022? Where is this city?

16th December 2015                                                                                        Indonesian version

So, continuing from where I left before : This is the day I go on the Europe trip! I step out my house, get into a plane, and then landed in…


Wait, what?

Well, you see, because of the promotion members of ISIC get when ordering airplane ticket by STA travel, I decided to use that and got a seat on Qatar Airlines. I consider myself lucky because I get to fly with the highest ranked airlines in the world for a few years! And they have a free tour program (click here for more information), so here I am, ready to explore!

I honestly didn’t have any idea of where Qatar is, and what’s on there. But this country’s capital is pretty amazing!

Qatari Police


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Oh so true

Miu, Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami

Being tough isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. Looking back on it, though, I can see I was too used to being strong, and never tried to understand those who were weak. I was too used to being fortunate, and didn’t try to understand those less fortunate. Too used to being healthy, and didn’t try to understand the pain of those who weren’t. Whenever I saw a person in trouble, somebody paralyzed by events, I decided it was entirely his fault — he just wasn’t trying hard enough. People who complained were just plain lazy. My outlook on life was unshakable, and practical, but lacked any human warmth.

And not a single person around me pointed this out.

Miu, Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami

Well, the last sentence is not that true for me. Fortunately, I have people around me who care enough about me as a human and not as a practical machine