Layover in Hanover : Water-floating castle

Date : 19th December 2016 

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Hanover! This city is a hub for many Germany trans-country trip, maybe because of it’s ideal location, beside it’s other reputation (such as Oktoberfest). Surprisingly, this city tourist attraction is cramped in a quite small area, even my friend who are not that used to walk a long way can conquer this city just fine.

When we arrive at the city center (the bus and train station are on the same area) we met the monument to Ernest August and then quickly dive to the subway to go to the Leibniz University!

This is the best picture I took, sorry

It was the university where Leibniz, one of the founder of both mechanical and digital calculator are doing his research, and so the university are named after him. It’s a quite interesting university, nearly empty maybe because it’s Christmas vacation time. And I love the lion in front of the gate to the entry!

We look around the inside as well; my friend said there are a lot of Asians in this university, so we won’t be a strange sight. I wonder why – is it because the calculator and the stereotype that all Asians are good at math? 😛

Hannover iconic scenery

Near the university train station, there are also an iconic path in Hannover that my friend said we haven’t go to Hannover if we haven’t take a pic there.  It’s a very beautiful path, with red-branch tree lining uniformly. Most be more stunning in Autumn!

Black-red plant covering a building
Monument of Ernest August

And then we get back to the city center to head to the Rathaus! There are a red path marked “tourist line” in the city center that supposedly lead us to many tourist attraction there. Despite that, we still get lost X”D, but found a gem when we lost : Aegidienkirche, a beautiful WWII memorial taking shape in a beautiful, looks-abandoned old building. It quickly catch our eyes despite not knowing what it was at the moment. It looks so different and stood out in the middle of the neat city, so it’s easy to find it. It’s so hollow that it looks like it might be creepy to look at night.

Aegidienkirche, a beautiful WWII memorial

Because of it’s resemblance of a church, my friend said it’s a grave of a pastor, but turns out it is not. The inside of the building  show so much dissonance to the striking outside : it feels so empty and hollow. If you are going to the Rathaus from the city center, it’s worth a visit!

From Aegidienkriche, it’s only 15-20 minutes to Rathaus. Lo and behold, there’s a wedding ceremony held in the Rathaus! We didn’t disturb them tough, since we are heading to the back – which I was complaining about, since I don’t know why we need to walk more- but then I understand as it took my breath away.

Hannover Rathaus, looking like a castle floating over the water

It’s the grandeur castle surrounded by lake and colorful leaf trees! It’s so beautiful, but it’s more beautiful being seen from across the lake, which mean we have to take a walk rounding the lake, but it’s worth every step. The surrounding trees are all very beautiful as well, you won’t get bored.

In the back of this Rathaus, if you walk in the opposite direction, there are Marchsee, a beautiful lake-park that many people use to take a stroll, jog, or any other exercise, and even rowing in winter!

It’s not snowing and feels more like Autumn, but still. It’s interesting to see. If the winter is really chill, we can walk on the lake frozen surface, my friend said.

After that, we need to catch on our bus and fill our stomach, so we head back to the city center. Many interesting things can be found in the way.

My first time seeing electronic station for the electric car!
But they still use bicycle for their postal service 🙂

In the city center, we see a very long area that are like a food-court and canteen in the center of a road, but we didn’t head there. My friend said it’s filled by stalls of food from all over the world. Well, at least not only German food. We need to take a quick lunch though, so we decide to search for a Christmas market. It’s located near shop area so we can glance at the markets too!

Interesting way to promote a country!
Can’t blame them, the glass is pretty

Because we woke up so early in the morning, we need refreshment, and Christmas market serve just that. I have been wanting to try gluhwein and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is so velvety and full, I can’t believe it! They have a unique (for me) way of serving it : if we want to take out the drinks, we need to pay a deposit for the glass and pay for the drink before we can walk around the premise, then we can get the deposit back by bringing back the glass. Not many people understand and do it and instead they take the glass home, leaving the deposit, my friend said.

And then in the market area I found subway! I have been longing to try this one-foot-long food ever since I know it from 9gag.

Looks so mouthwatering.

It’s not my cup of tea tough, I forget that I am not a bread-eater. I don’t even order the one-foot-long one, and it’s a good idea because I can’t even finish this half-foot-long one. And after the quick lunch, we get on our Mega Bus to head to Berlin (4 Euros).

We are welcomed by a giant Christmas tree in the central station! We won’t be spending the night in Berlin, we will take an overnight bus to Wroclaw, so we only have a glance of the night at Berlin. I will write about Wroclaw later! Stay tuned!

Before : Hamburg                                                                                                       After: Wroclaw

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Welcomed by a giant Christmas Tree

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