Hamburg Christmas Market

Date: 18th December 2015

I never imagined I’d have to write the second part of Hamburg, because I spent so little time there, and I really thought I have covered it all! Well turns out not, and my memory fails me :0, I write so little about the Christmas Market because I thought I lose all of the photos. I mistakenly think it’s in Hanover! Haha, well, here it is. Honestly, this one is the less crowded and more explained one, because I am in my friend’s town!

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Totally never see pengamen with this instruments back in my country

The main part I exclude in my previous post is the Christmas Market. We visited 2 Christmas Market – and both have a totally different atmosphere. The first one, in front of the Rathaus is full of color, full of people, and full of… spirit. The other one, not so much, but full of interesting food and felt peaceful! Really, I never see a Christmas Market so peaceful. But then again, I only visited a handful.

The first one we visited are the one in front of the rathaus. So many people showcased their talents… for money, but I can’t bring myself to say they are ‘beggars’ or… in my language, ‘pengamen’, because what I have in mind for those words are so different.

I have a little giggle over ‘Hamburger’ :P, sorry guys…

The gate is soo… full of light, and uhm, grandeur? So…un-German, if I could say it, but then I’d be stamped racist. I see that we can ride a Santa sledge up in the air, but only for children, in the night. What a shame.

The stalls are all so festively decorated we can feel excited jut by looking for a far. It’s really really feels like we are stepping into a whole new world – without Aladdin. Haha.


I want to say it resembles how I imagine Hobbits’s Shire Christmas Market. Festive but homely!

The goods they were selling are seldom food or drinks, they are usually selling… nick nacks for Christmas, because it’s not Christmas yet. Still time to do your Christmas shopping!

They said once all the candles are lit, the fan will start spinning…

And then near the end of the Christmas Market, there are malls… luxury malls I will never shop at, but interesting to see.

sam_3123Not only interesting, but also beautiful, because like how my friends told me, “The one that goes far for decoration is the expensive places!”

And in the end of these long road, there are another Christmas Market! Hahaha. The Christmas Market are a bit dimmer, and lonely. It’s located beside a river and make it so relaxing to visit.

See the difference? It’s the opposite of the ones we visited before. Maybe it will become festive in the night, because it looks like it suit nighttime more.

The foods are good, though!

Champignon with Cream. I forget what’s the German name
Funnelcake. Served with ‘Apfelmus’ and ‘Schlagsahne’ and chocolate

After that, I see this before we got back to my friend’s dorm…


So we believe that it really is meant for the night.

After a good night rest, we are going to Hanover!

Before, Hamburg uni                                                                       After, Hanover Rathaus!

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