Hamburg – Taking a Peek of University Students Life

What’s in Hamburg? My friend who then lives there said there are nothing. But, well, she is there! What we experience and seek in Hamburg is not tourist experience. We are going to experience a university students life in Hamburg – the one my friend lead.

Date: 17th December 2015

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From Berlin, we order a Postbus ticket, but then discovered a deal of Berlinlinien on Germany’s Groupon! So there’s that. I suggest you to check every country’s Groupon you are planning to visit, there might be something beneficial to you. I have to say I love Berlinlinien in-bus WiFi. It’s the best in our entire trip. For real.

The library. Shame I can’t get in

First of all, I think really, Hamburg feels like an university city. There are a lot more young people gathered and seen on the street, doing their activity. And, they all have quite the same style. Maybe they are following trend, or maybe that is all university student could afford. But I stick out like a sore thumb, haha.

First thing we do when we get there : eat. One thing I learned : That university canteen might be similar everywhere in the world : cheap, quite tasty, and come in big portion. Something any budget traveler can’t refuse! So, a lot of the university have an open “Mensa” (canteen) for you to dine in, but some request specific things before you can even step inside, like a student card. The rest that can be dined in by everyone may have the prices different between student and not. But it worth a shot to see if you can dine there or not.

Mensa cakes! Not looking bad, right?

As long as you can find the Mensa, try!

In the Mensa I tried it’s the latter one. There are different prices between student and non-student. There are several types of how you order food, there are stalls that produce only one food, some others are a buffet where you can take any amount you like and then scale it to pay. It is priced per gram! Hahah. I tried that one. It’s fun to do it!

After that, we set to go to a Christmas Market, and taste the tastiest champignon -that my friend claim ordinary – in my entire life.

When we feel quite full, going shopping we are! We need to shop anything we forget to pack back home before we are really on a foreign land – foreign according to my friend, at least. The mall are located in the far corner of the city – which I don’t know are the norm. It makes sense now, not like how malls are in the center of the city like back in my hometown. I take a pic of many things that I never seen before – and a lot of familiar products to say “Hey, look they have it here also we are not that different!!!”

I ended up having to buy an adapter because mine can’t be used – it’s too big for the socket here, and then chili sauce, with Indonesian brand because I just can’t stand it! If I were to live aboard in the years to come, I need to stock on these.

After that, we take the train back. It was fun. Hamburg have a different city scape than Berlin, a lot of it are more square-ish, a lot more I can’t describe hahaha. Then, we are back to our friend’s dorm!

The dorm consist of… some group that are residing in the same large mutual space but with different rooms. In each living space, there will be living room, kitchen, bathroom, and some multi functional room. Despite the shared spaces, it looks very comfortable, more like owning our own apartment compared to dorm! My friend are lucky to get it, because a lot of other dorms are smaller with higher rent, she said.

Then we proceed to cook things we bought from the supermarket! Looks like a mess of unhealthy food, just…like how university student usually eat I guess? It truly make me think back on my uni days! We cooked instant noodles, cheese-sausages wrapped in Bacon (can you think of a more calorie-bomb food?) and then… salad as a side dish! What a hypocrite we are!

After that, we try to use the washing machine and the drier which are located in the basement. There are a lot of rooms with specific use, some of which I can’t really stomach what for. Seems like… useless in a dorm? To wash our clothes, we need 2 Euro for 7 kilograms, and then the drier need 1.2 Euro. But the drier are quite different than what I experienced in Seoul, it needs more than 2 hours, and we can’t be sure how long it will really take until we chuck in all clothes and press “dry”. The total time it took to wash and dry is 3 until 4 hours, and there are still a lot of socks going lost in the process! What’s with washing machine and socks?

Hamburg are quite nice to me, and I learn some useful things. First, try to just buy your clothes in your destination if you don’t want to be stared at as a tourist. Then, always check Groupon. And then, a university canteen are always worth a shot to eat in. Dorms always sucks, or at least we have to think it sucks no matter how good it is. University student lifestyle are not very different one from another – that’s why there are unified all over the earth!

Before : Berlin!                                                                                                            After : Hanover!

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