Should we weep to go back to our childhood?

There are so much thing that internet make us think ourselves to be. Or expect everyone to have the same view of. When it aligns with yourselves or your experiences, fine. But when it’s not, the place where everyone think they are open minded because it’s a space that connects people from all over the world become so cruel and narrow-minded.

Producing people with all the same values and opinion is not a cool thing, and everyone from the internet will agree. But they themselves are fighting so that people on the internet all have the same point of view. And what’s worse, those PoV are not all that good. In fact some of it are really set to destroy whoever following that kind of PoV.

For me, some of the biggest internet “cultural” thing didn’t match my point of view at all. For example, the cry to meet month’s end. The lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck. I really thought it all was just exaggerated, that it is only a hyperbola or something. But then I asked some of my friends. Turns out it was a real issue. What?

I knew, I knew, some people must have that problem : I knew people who are underpaid, must support their family, can’t land a decent job or only have one part time job, and generally people that can be understood to have their living cost higher than their salary.

But people like me, single (or forever alone) with at least an entry level job from middle class family whose only need is to support themselves or even some of it are still under their parents wings – which is like 80% of the internet (I made it up, but…)??

How come did you even manage to spend it all?

I am not the highest paid out of all the 20s who are into the second year of their first job. I can save the money to go to a trip to Europe, something that are “very difficult” for the 20s in my country, due to the low currency of my country, the third country status, and the fact that Southeast Asia is very far from Europe. I still reside inside my parent’s home, correct, but I make a point to “pay my rent”, and even if I have to buy my own meals and do my own laundry, I can still spare a lot of it to my saving account. And I don’t particularly restraining myself from eating out or shop!

So, how?

The second one is the “I want to go back to being a child”/”Childhood era is the best”/”Be happy you are still a child, kid!”

Well… it’s not that my childhood is bad. Actually I pretty liked it. My teen years are a little worse, but still acceptable. Not that I want to go back to any of them.

You know, I think people who want to go back to one point at their time (not to fix mistake) didn’t grow up “properly” with the addition of their age. I mean, sure, playing around all day while the only thing bothering me is if I have enough score to beat my cousins at a game is a very good days, but if I were to do that in this age, I will feel useless. Not being able to contribute to society, not being able to compete with my generations, not being able to choose what to do, because obviously I am not in the power to buy the game – my parents is.

I love the power that comes with “being an adult”. I kind of hate the responsibility, too, like everyone else in this world, but I think the power is worth it. So many thing suddenly become possible. Accessible. Controllable. Isn’t that amazing?

I was kind of hoping to make people realize that not only it is bad, but also sometimes not true, and people are doing like what was suggested just because it looks like the path most people walk in. No. We have choices now. Not “all people” are living paycheck to paycheck. Not “all people” is weeping to go back doing what children do. It is not how it SHOULD BE. Don’t follow it because it seems okay, that people all live by that standard. If I can set a standard, it is clearly what NOT to do.

There are choices. We can do a lot of great work. We can.

But off course, it is only my opinion, and I am a very lucky girl.

But please, take care of your life


a distressed 20-something


Author: Nikkha

Practical, but nonsensical. Logical, but often rely on instinct. Observant, but ignore it anyway. Out of the blue.

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